Online Internet Backup

Is your data backup strategy cost-effective and in good shape? Professional backup systems are expensive, tend to be clumsy and need permanent attention, while still being notoriously unreliable. Considering the extremely high risk associated with potential data loss, it may be time for a fresh look at data backup and security strategies in general.

Outsourcing your IT backup via internet to GEOTEK can solve many of the problems encountered with conventional, tape-based backup solutions:

  • No fixed capital investment in backup streamer hardware, tapes and secure tape storage.
  • No fixed capital investment in backup software
  • No more daily tape changes needed, no follow-up problems from wrong tape media.
  • No risk of data loss due to unreadable tapes, no cleaning and tape cycling needed.
  • Your backup data is optimally protected from theft, vandalism and environmental damage.
  • Emergency access to your backup data from everywhere, even if your servers are down.
  • Cost transparency: we charge you a small fee based on compressed backup storage volume.
  • Internet transfer volume is free and unlimited.
  • Ideal not only for server backup, but also for notebooks and mobile users.
  • Backup runs silently in the background as a windows service.
  • Easy backup and restore management from a windows GUI.
  • Agents available for XP, Windows, MS-Exchange, Novell Netware, MS-SQL and Oracle.
  • Secure encryption with AES or Triple DES and a private key known and chosen by you alone.
  • We guarantee 100% that backup data is readable, or pay damages due to lost data.
  • We sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure privacy of your data.

Your backup data is transferred encrypted to two redundant, physically separated high security data centres located in Germany. The only requirement on your side is an appropriate internet access provider of your choice. Since we transfer only changed files and incremental file changes in compressed formats, your internet bandwidth should allow the transfer of one day´s changes during the night. Usually any good quality DSL internet connection is sufficient. This internet backup solution is also incorporated into our Hosted Virtual Server solution.

Please contact us for further details. We will be happy to make you an online backup offer!