HVS Server FAQ

Q: How can you provide such a low monthly rate - is there a catch?

A: No. We are offering enterprise grade server hardware provided by very large certified data centres located in Germany or USA. Fierce competition between data centres with economies of scale drives down prices to a level that cannot be matched with conventional hardware leasing. Servers have mirrored hardware RAID Disks, ECC RAM and high end server CPUs

Q: What Server Operating Systems can be used?

A: All Windows versions up to Server 2012 R2 or Windos 8.1, Open Enterprise Server (OES2), Linux, Netware.

Q: Is this server hardware shared with other customers?

A: No, all HVS servers are dedicated to you. You may, of course, run more than one virtual server for your own use at no additional cost, even with different operating systems.

Q: Can the hosted server be integrated into my existing AD domain or NDS eDirectory Tree?

A: Yes if you set up a site-to-site VPN-Tunnel to the location of your server.

Q: May I run Microsoft-Exchange, GroupWise, SQL or other specialized server software?

A: Yes

Q: What about server software licensing, will there be additional cost?

A: If you are replacing your existing server, your current licenses may be reused or upgraded. You will need a MS Terminal Server CAL for each user or device. Any required licenses can be bought through us.

Q: How does server access work technically?

A: With Microsoft Terminal Server / RDP, IPsec VPN tunnel and Web Access (Exchange / GroupWise). Nothing needs to be installed on your Windows PC clients.

Q: Do I get admin privileges to my fileserver?

A: Yes, unless you want us to manage your Windows server for a lump sum fee, in which case we won't allow anyone else to change any system settings.

Q: Are there special requirements for using this service?

A: You only need a reliable internet access provider of your choice. For your office, we will provide you with a managed hardware firewall that builds the VPN tunnel to your server.

Q: May I also access my hosted server from abroad?

A: Yes

Q: How does data backup work?

A: After each major server upgrade we make and store a complete server image. After that, all changed files will be automatically backed up to an internet backup vault located securely at another data centre. There is an easy-to-use Windows interface that allows you to restore files, change your schedule and define how many versions of each file should be kept. AD, Exchange Post Offices, SQL and Netware files will also be saved. Alternatively we can arrange incremental image backup or replication.

Q: Will there be any additional cost except the server fee?

A: Only labour that would occur also when installing and migrating to a conventional fileserver. We are optionally offering service contracts with fixed prices based on the number of PCs and servers. Backup is charged for on a small monthly fee per storage volume. Internet traffic volume is free.

Q: Do we need special skills or training?

A: No

Q: What about security?

A: We use VPN tunnels with IPsec encryption and secure authentication, which is considered the most secure security algorithm available today. The server and backup data centres are high security areas, restricting physical access to staff only. Their exact physical location is not public knowledge. The backup provider has appropriate security clearance and takes responsibility for the integrity and accessibility of stored data. In addition, we will sign a non-disclosure contract with you.

Q: Can we see this system at work?

A: We may arrange a demo account on request. To demonstrate its power publicly, we have built IE NetRenderer, a free service for professional web designers. This service runs as five virtual sessions on one standard hosted server, and despite of its heavy use, no single other public screenshot service on the internet comes even close to its rendering speed.